About GHE

GHE is a faith-based enrichment co-op for homeschooling families.

What do GHE students do at class meetings?

Instead of offering primary academic subjects, we delve into one unit study per semester.  For example, our current families have voted to study How Games from Around the World and Seven Wonders of the World for the 2016-2017 school year.

What does “faith-based” mean?

GHE teachers weave in Bible truths to what we’re learning– even if the subject is secular in matter.  Students often memorize memory verses, and at the beginning of every class we say pledges to the American flag, the Christian flag and the Bible.  Each family signs a “Statement of Faith” to ensure we are consistent in what we are teaching our students on spiritual matters.

Can parents drop children off for classes, or are they required to stay on-site?

GHE parents are required to work in the nursery or teach in one of our classes while their children are in class.  Applicants can request which grade level they would like to work with, and each class is assigned 2-3 teachers to share the load.  We do the best we can to honor requests as much as possible, but can’t guarantee that every teacher will receive the assignment they’ve requested.

Some parents are more comfortable serving in the nursery, rather than the classroom.  Sometimes we can fulfill that request, but all members should understand they will be asked to serve as a classroom teacher eventually.

What age range does GHE cover?

GHE classes are designed for Pre-K through high school.  We do have a nursery for younger siblings, but an incoming family must have one student who is Kindergarten age or older.

How large are GHE classes?

Our limit per class is 15 students.  Because we do have a cap, this may mean that not all of the families who apply to GHE will be able to participate, due to space constraints.  Each year we do the best we can to accommodate as many families as possible.

Where does GHE meet?

We meet at New Hope Church at 5307 W. Fairview Rd., Greenwood, IN 46142.

When does GHE meet?

We meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from September through April.  The only exception is that we meet once in November and once in December, to work around holidays.

For the fall semester, we have 5 class meetings and one field trip that relates to what we’re studying that semester.  We kick off our spring semester with a service project day, and then have another 5 class meetings plus one field trip that relates to what we’re studying that semester, followed by an evening closing program (“Spring Review”), and an end-of-the-year field trip just for fun.

We ask families to arrive at 8:45 a.m. to set up their classes, so they will be ready to go for announcements at 9 a.m.  Classes run from 9:15–11:15 a.m.  Clean up and dismissal are from 11:15–11:30 a.m.

Does GHE use a curriculum?

GHE does not use a curriculum.  The parents who comprise the teaching team for each class meet during the summer to plan out how they will cover the unit studies, and who will do what during our 10 classes for the year.  GHE members are required to prepare the teaching material they are assigned at these meetings.

How much does one year at GHE cost?

Dues are $55 per family.

What does GHE expect from teachers and students?

You’ll find what we expect of our families in the “Guidelines” document.  Even if a parent is a GHE veteran, they sign these guidelines every year to renew their commitment and as a reminder of what we need from families to keep GHE running smoothly.  We believe these high expectations are the foundation for high-quality classes and healthy relationships.

Because we are a co-op, cooperation is the name of the game.  Students cooperate by being respectful to their teachers and classmates.  Teachers cooperate by being faithful in attendance, preparing their lessons, and collaborating with their fellow teachers.  Everything we do is a team effort!

We do have a process for working with families who violate the guidelines they’ve signed and committed to follow.  Leadership will speak with teachers privately to clarify expectations and help them get them back on track.  Our goal is always to equip the teacher to fulfill their obligations as a member, but if a family continues to violate GHE guidelines, the Board does have the option to not renew their membership for the following year.

What is GHE’s absence policy?

It’s all about teamwork, so consistent attendance is important.  So, we sweetly ask GHE families to not schedule vacations, etc. that would conflict with the class meetings they’ve committed to.

However, moms and kids get sick and family emergencies happen.  We consider these excused absences, but ask that if you are responsible for a snack, activity, craft that you do your best to bring those materials to one of your co-teachers so they can lead that activity for you in your absence, whenever possible.

What committees may I be assigned to serve on?

In addition to their teaching assignment, every GHE member is assigned to serve on a committee.  These committees are a small commitment time-wise, but are important to supporting the different activities we enjoy outside of GHE class meetings.

Committees/Projects include:  Academic testing, Back-to-School Kick-off, First Aid, coordinating ISO Discovery Concerts, Curriculum Night, GHE t-shirts, Spring Review, Mom-to-Mom activities, Recreations, ordering God’s World News subscriptions, Year-End Field Trip, Yearbook, Welcome Committee, our annual Service Project committee and coordinating Box Top collection.
How do I apply to GHE?
If you would like to visit  us in order to join our homeschool co-op, please contact our leadership at greenwoodhomeeducators@outlook.com.  Our application process is as follows:

  1. Contact us via email at greenwoodhomeeducators@outlook.com to let us know of your interest.
  2. Attend at least one of our Recreations and/or our Mom-to-Mom events.
  3. Make an appointment to meet with our co-chairs to go over our application forms, get to know you and your children (required to come to the appointment) and see how our classrooms are run.

All this needs to be done no later than March 9, 2017.